2016 Annual Institute

2016 Annual Institute
Society of Policy Scientists
October 27-29, 2016
Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA

"Diffusion of Ideas: Linking Lasswell to the Future"

We invite participants to share their research and experiences applying and communicating the policy sciences approach. As a contextual means of self-orientation and a pragmatic approach to address real-world problems, the policy sciences is a powerful toolset for advancing a global community “in which human dignity is realized in theory and fact” (Lasswell, Democratic Character). Communication and diffusion of that toolset, as well as the insights that emerge through its use, is an important aspect of what we do as practitioners. This encompasses applied research as well as the ways we teach and discuss the policy sciences with students, colleagues, or collaborators. As we examine how elements of the policy sciences framework can contribute to learning and problem-solving across diverse contexts, we encourage participants to reflect on their role as participant-observers in the settings where they work, and how the framework might be transported and translated into new settings. We also invite exploration of how the policy sciences approach might continue to grow and evolve in theory and practice.

The deeper discussion of the Policy Sciences Academy this year provides an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on where we are as a community of practice and to explore visions for our future. At this year’s Institute we hope to learn about new and ongoing research and to share insights into applying, communicating, diffusing, and extending the policy sciences approach.

Program Committee:

  • Jennifer Zavaleta, University of Michigan, jenniferczavaleta@gmail.com (program co-chair)
  • Liz Thomas, Claremont McKenna College, elizabeth.ayame.thomas@gmail.com (program co-chair)
  • Bill Ascher, Claremont McKenna College, william.ascher@claremontmckenna.edu (Host)
  • Susan Iott, U.S. Government Accountability Office, iotts@gao.gov
  • Zac Bischoff Mattson, Brown University, zachary_bischoff_mattson@brown.edu
  • Evan Andrews, University of Waterloo, evanjandrews@hotmail.com
  • Craig Hammer, World Bank, chammer@worldbank.org
  • Jacqueline Wassef, jacqueline.wassef@umontreal.ca

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