Society of Policy Scientists

Overview and Current Activities

The Society of Policy Scientists was established in 1995 and operates under the auspices of The Policy Sciences Center, Inc. The basic purpose of the Society is to advance knowledge and practice in the policy sciences in the service of human dignity for all. Consistent with this basic purpose, the Society encourages and supports research, practice, and education in the policy sciences; disseminates knowledge and information for members and non-members through various means of communication; conducts an Annual Institute as its primary meeting; recognizes outstanding contributions to the policy sciences and provides other services for members; and funds activities for such purposes through membership dues, gifts, grants, contracts, and enterprises. The Society gives priority to problems or opportunities that are central to its basic purpose and require coordination or collaboration among members.

Executive Committee

Charles Norchi (2021)
Evan Andrews (2021)
Susan Iott (2022)
Matt Auer (2022)
Jenn Zavaleta Cheek (2022)
Susan Clark (2023)
Bill Ascher (2023)
Craig Hammer (2023)

Working Groups

Working groups and sponsored workshops of Society members with a shared interest are the principal organizational means for pursuing the Society’s basic purpose. Current working groups are organized around the Policy Sciences Academy Initiative, as follows:

Steering Committee

• William Ascher
• Carolina Adler
• Susan Iott
• Matthew Auer
• David Pelletier


• Carolina Adler, chair
• Christina Cromley Bruner
• Murray Rutherford
• Rich Wallace
• Debbie Wellwood

Certification Criteria

• Susan Iott, chair
• Christina Cromley Bruner
• Rod Muth
• Andrew Willard

Promotional considerations, resource assessment, institutional incentives

• Matthew Auer, chair
• Carolina Adler
• Diana Ascher
• Christina Cromley Bruner


• David Pelletier, chair
• Carolina Adler
• Diana Ascher
• Amanda Lynch
• Rod Muth

Please contact William Ascher if you have an interest in joining one of these working groups or organizing a workshop.


Policy Sciences, which began publication in 1970, is now a publication of the Society. The Society has a primary responsibility for selecting its editor whenever the editorship becomes vacant. A subscription to Policy Sciences is included with payment of Society membership dues.


In 2000, the Society established three electronic ListServs to facilitate communication about Society business and the policy sciences in general. Two of the ListServs are closed, one for the Society Executive Council and one for the Society membership as a whole. The third ListServ is open to anyone with an interest in the policy sciences. It may be accessed by contacting [email protected]