2021 Society of Policy Scientists
Annual Institute

18-20 November

Hosted by Claremont McKenna College
Freeberg Forum, LC 62 Kravis Center
Claremont, California
All times are Pacific.

Virtual Access

If unfortunately you cannot make it in person to the Annual Institute, we will send you a Zoom link as soon as your registration is confirmed. You will have the same participation access as those attending in person.


5:00-7:00       Policy Sciences Case Study: Afghanistan

The Decision Seminar as an Instrument of Power and Enlightenment: Afghanistan, Then and Now

Charles H. Norchi (University of Maine School of Law)
Andrew R. Willard (University of Iowa)


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8:00-9:00       Convene over breakfast

9:00-9:15        26th Annual Institute Welcome

Charles Norchi, President of the Society of Policy Scientists
William Ascher (Claremont McKenna), Institute Host

9:15–10:35       Session I: The Intelligence Function

Chair:  Isabelle Heilman (University of California, San Diego)

Alexander Flor (University of the Philippines): A Pandisciplinary Manifesto on Information and Communication: Engaging Post-truth Pathology and Phenomena Through the Lens of the Policy Sciences

Torbet McNeil (University of Arizona) & Jeffrey Oliver (University of Arizona): Using Lasswell’s Problem Orientation to Identify Institutional Characteristics of Adopters of Data Science Degree Programs Through Machine Learning 

Craig Hammer (World Bank), Malar Veerappan (World Bank), Conrad Daly (World Bank), & Diana Ascher (UCLA): Data for Development: Toward a Social Contract [Panel]

10:35-10:45       COFFEE BREAK

10:45-12:00       Session II: Health 

Chair: Susan Iott (Government Accountability Office)

Yuuki Nakayachi (Cornell University) & David Pelletier (Cornell University), Responding to Complex Public Health Problems

Isabel Laterzo, State-Level Citizen Response to COVID-19 Containment Measures in Brazil and Mexico 

12:00-1:15       LUNCH

1:15-2:45       Session III: Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Chair: Isabel Laterzo (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Lillian Saul (Memorial University), Accounting for Social Process: Implementing the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines in Newfoundland and Labrador 

William Ascher, Shane Barter (Soka University of America), Charlotte Reinnoldt (Malk Partners), & Fio Wibawa (Claremont McKenna College), Protecting the Wellbeing of Indigenous Minorities in Southeast Asia [Panel]

2:45-3:00       COFFEE BREAK

3:00-4:30       Session IV: Values

Chair: Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek (South Dakota State University) 

John Christian Laursen (University of California, Riverside) & Zachary Dorson (University of California, Riverside), Ranking Philanthropical Priorities              

Susan Iott & Allen Chan (Government Accountability Office), Environmental Justice—Defining the Policy Problem [Mini Workshop]

4:30-5:30       Keynote: Toddi Steelman (Duke), Leading through Complex Times


8:00-8:15       Convene over breakfast

8:15-10:15       Session V: Sustainability & Human Dignity  

Chair: Diana Ascher (UCLA)

Matthew Auer (University of Georgia): Wildfire Preparation and Equity 

 Jennifer Zavaleta-Cheek (South Dakota State): Wildfoods, Common Lands, and the Social Process

Evan Andrews (Memorial University) & Susan Clark (Yale University), Citizenship and Leadership for Human Dignity in Healthy Environments

10:15-10:30       COFFEE BREAK

10:30-12:45       Session VI: Advancing the Legacy

Chair: Evan Andrews

10:30-11:30       Prize Announcement & Awardee Presentations

11:30-11:45        Michael Howlett: Policy Sciences Update

11:45-12:00       Susan Iott: Society & Center Merger

12:00-12:15       Diana Ascher: Wiki Update

12:15-12:30       William Ascher: Policy Sciences Academy

12:30-12:45       Closing Remarks & Call to Action