2020 Society of Policy Scientists
Annual Institute

5-7 November

All times are Pacific. Zoom credentials will be distributed on registration.

5:00-7:00       Policy Sciences Case Study

  • Amanda Lynch (Brown)
  • Charles Norchi (University of Maine School of Law)
  • Evan Andrews (University of Waterloo)
  • Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek (South Dakota State)

8:30-9:00       SCHMOOZE

9:00-9:15       25th Annual Institute Welcome

  • Diana Ascher (UCLA), President
  • William Ascher (Claremont McKenna), Institute Host

9:15–10:35 Session I: Governance

Chair: Isabel Laterzo (UNC-Chapel Hill) 

  • Sondra Eger (University of Waterloo), contextualizing integrated coastal and marine management in Canada: Opportunities for the Bay of Fundy
  • Andrew Thangasamy (MSU Denver), Climate change and its effects in South Asia: Challenges and opportunities for regional political cooperation
  • Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek, (South Dakota State), Moving beyond economic empowerment: A supplemental pathway to improve self-help groups and better prepare communities for climate change in rural India

10:35-11:00   COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:20 Session II: Appraisal 

Chair: Susan Iott (U.S. Government Accountability Office)

  • Jacob Erickson (Cadmus Group), Colorado Electric Vehicle Policy Efficiency and Equity Analysis
  • Torbet McNeil (University of Arizona), Evaluating Undergraduate Data Science Curricula Using the Policy Sciences Perspective
  • Nancy Li (Davita), What changed? A Continuous Research on Health Care Policy in China

12:20-1:30     LUNCH

1:30-2:50 Session III: Intelligence

Chair: Matthew Auer (University of Georgia)

  • Li Wei (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Transparency of advisory processes and the influence of external expert advice: A comparative analysis of two cases in Hong Kong
  • Douglas Clark (University of Saskatchewan), Katelyn White (University of Saskatchewan), Katie Manning (University of Saskatchewan), and Tristan Pearce (University of Northern British Columbia); Grizzly bear colonization of “new” spatial and temporal niches: Challenges and lessons for sustainability policy processes
  • Diana Ascher (UCLA), Data ethics in times of crisis

2:50-3:30       COFFEE BREAK

3:30-5:00 Session IV: Keynote

Chair: William Ascher (Claremont McKenna)

  • Doug Torgerson (Trent University), The world crisis of insecurity: Lasswell in a time of perils

5:30-7:00       SCHMOOZE SESSION


9:00-10:20 Session V: Sustainable Development 

Chair: Evan Andrews (University of Waterloo)

  • Stephanie Barr (University of Waterloo), Appraising climate change adaptation options at the frontlines of biodiversity conservation: Conventional alternatives dominate over interventionist
  • Jack Daly (Memorial University), An examination of policy coherence in Canadian fisheries, oceans and climate change policy
  • Debbie Wellwood (Raven Ecological Services), Revolutions of the Americas, an ecologist’s quest for stewardship of ecosystems and sustainable development 

10:20-10:35   COFFEE BREAK

10:35-11:55 Session VI: Strategies

Chair: Diana Ascher (UCLA) 

  • William Ascher (Claremont McKenna), Rescuing responsible hydropower projects
  • Matthew Auer (University of Georgia), COVID-19 and the crisis of environmental communication
  • Charles Norchi (University of Maine School of Law), Expeditions, climate change and the Policy Sciences
  • Jorge Rivera (George Washington University), Business adaptation to climate change: American ski resorts and warmer temperatures

2:30-3:30 Session VII: Participants & Values

Chair: Isabelle Heilman (UC San Diego)

  • Amanda Lynch (Brown), Shape of a water crisis: practitioner perspectives on water scarcity in Africa
  • Katerina Kwon & Murray Rutherford (Simon Fraser), Clarifying perspectives on desired conditions and potential actions for managing cumulative effects in the traditional territory of Metlakatla First Nation
  • Kris Hartley (Education University of Hong Kong), Lasswell in the COVID ward: Another paper that tries to find theoretical novelty in a modern crisis

3:30-3:45       COFFEE BREAK

3:45-5:45 Session VIII: Advancing the Legacy

Chair: Diana Ascher (UCLA)

3:45-4:15       Prize Announcement & Presentation

4:15-4:30       Policy Sciences Update

4:30-5:15       Interactive Discussion (breakout groups)

5:15-5:45       Closing Remarks & Call to Action