2020 Annual Institute
Society of Policy Scientists

November 5-7

Co-hosted virtually by 

Claremont McKenna College & UCLA
Policy Sciences & Global Climate Change: Causes & Consequences, Mitigation & Adaptation 

The $25 registration fee covers the cost of hosting the virtual conference and providing attendees with materials for use during the event. Payment is accepted via Paypal or check.

Full Name & Affiliation
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While you’re at it, please pay your membership dues, as well

Make checks payable to Policy Sciences Center, Inc. Along with your check, please provide your name, affiliation, mailing address, and email address.

Checks should be made out in US dollars and mailed to:

  • Susan Iott
  • The Policy Sciences Center, Inc.
  • 1711 Grove St. Boulder, CO 80302
  • U.S.A.