Policy Sciences

Who coined the term, policy sciences?

The term “Policy Sciences” was coined by Harold D. Lasswell.

In collaboration with many colleagues, in particular Myres S. McDougal, he developed the integrative approach to solving problems and making decisions with which this site is concerned and to which it is dedicated. Lasswell and McDougal were prolific writers, and a sampling of their key publications is listed in the Library section of this site. In addition to the Policy Sciences Library, this site includes The Policy Sciences Center, Inc., a non-profit, public foundation established in 1948; the journal, Policy Sciences, which began publication in 1970; and the Society for the Policy Sciences, a professional association founded in 1995. Each of these is an institutional expression of the policy sciences movement and each is designed, in its own way, to contribute to fostering and achieving a commonwealth of human dignity for all.